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Written by David Holmes (Anagarika Tevijjo)   


Iti pi so Bhagavā, arahaṃ, 
sammāsambuddho, vijjā-caraṇa-sampanno, 
sugato, lokavidū, anuttaro purisa-damma-sārathī, 
satthā devamanussānaṃ,buddho, bhagavā ’ti.

Such indeed is the Blessed One, worthy, 
fully self-enlightened endowed with knowledge and conduct, fortunate, knower of the worlds, the incomparable tamer of trainable men, teacher of gods and men, enlightened and blessed.

Many devotees have been chanting the nine above qualities of the Buddha, over and over again, in the Pali language, for years, without wholly understanding what the words mean:

So let's take a closer look at these oft-chanted words and explicate their meanuings: –

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