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Gopaka Moggallana Sutta: Moggallana the Guardsman Print E-mail


I have heard that on one occasion Ven. Ananda was staying near Rajagaha in the Bamboo Grove, the Squirrels' Sanctuary, not long after the Blessed One's total Unbinding.

Now at that time King Ajatasattu Vedehiputta of Magadha, suspicious of King Pajjota, was having Rajagaha fortified.

Then in the early morning, Ven. Ananda, having put on his robes and carrying his bowl and outer robe, went into Rajagaha for alms. The thought occurred to him, "It's too early to go for alms in Rajagaha. What if I were to go to the brahman Moggallana the Guardsman at his construction site?" So he went to Moggallana the Guardsman at his construction site. Moggallana the Guardsman saw him coming from afar, and on seeing him said to him, "Come, Master Ananda. Welcome, Master Ananda. It has been a long time since Master Ananda has found the time to come here. Sit down, Master Ananda. Here is a seat made ready for you."

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