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Poetic Traditions and Tools Print E-mail
Written by David Holmes (Anagarika Tevijjo)   


This book was compiled and edited by David Holmes, during half-a-lifetime of teaching Poetry and Poetics, first, at The University of Maryland, Munich Campus, and, later, at Chulalongkorn University , Faculty of Arts, explaining how poetry arises, where its traditions come from, and how English poetry eventually developed, as an independent body of literature on its own.

The text is arranged in two parts: the first is about traditional poetic origins and formulae, especially from the past; and the second is about the use of poetic language, tools and devices, leading up to the more recent present.


The first section gives a historical scan or overview; the second part goes into closer observation and analysis of the art of poetry in an attempt to lead the reader into developing a critical ability to see the difference between what is merely good and what is truly excellent.

This manuscript has been in preparation, for many years, in the process of development and refinement, to the point which, hopefully, in the end, will allow the discerning reader to be able to discern for himself what is good poetry, what is great poetry and what is truly excellent poetry.

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